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To make a great wine, you must first be in harmony with the vineyards which produce the wine’s foundations

Meet Giuseppe … The Winemaker of I Selvatici

Giuseppe understands this important principle and treats the vines of I Selvatici in a way that brings out their best qualities, and that of the soil from which the vines establish their character.  Over the years, he has learned the finest of viniculture and winemaking from his lineage, mentors and his formal studies.  However, the elements of nature always present challenges to fine wine production. Some years are too wet or dry, or too hot or cool. Giuseppe’s rhythm with the land of I Selvatici allows him to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics.
Giuseppe is intrigued with the complexities and nuances of bringing together the fruit of great vines, the characteristic soil of the Chianti, and the ever-changing weather.  His youth was spent alongside his grandfather and father in the vineyards, first simply eating the fruit ahead of the army of pickers who harvest only the finest bunches by hand each fall.  Nature’s adaptations provide a constant challenge for Giuseppe each growing season, as he strives to bring only the best wines to the clients of I Selvatici, preserving the heritage of his family and their land.
Today, Giuseppe’s experiences complement the story of I Selvatici and the wines produced on the special land he calls home.  Great wine is far more complex than that which is mass produced.  The history of I Selvatici, the natural gifts of the soil, the quality of the vines and the passion of the winemaker all come together to bring to our friends old and new an experience not to be missed.