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The new Sangiovese vineyard


I want to share with you all some very exciting news from i Selvatici! This week, 70 years after my grandfather planted our first Sangiovese vines, my family and I finished planting our newest Sangiovese vineyard. For the next several years, the vines will grow from their small beginnings into full production, to be enjoyed year after year in our Chianti Classico Reserva and our Cardisco wines.

You can share in this experience in the video I’ve included, which highlights not only the importance of the early preparation of the soil, but also the diligence with which this planting process takes place.

sangiovese_vineyard_tuscany_selvatici_first sangiovese_vineyard_tuscany_selvatici4

sangiovese_vineyard_tuscany_selvatici sangiovese_vineyard_tuscany_selvatici2