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Vinsanto del Chianti 2004

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90% Malvasia, 5% San Colombano, 5% Sangiovese

Organoleptic characteristics:

  • Grape: 90% Malvasia, 5% San Colombano, 5% Sangiovese.
  • Alcohol: 14-15% Vol.
  • Color: Amber
  • Aroma: A Concentrated Aroma of Dried Figs, Apricot and Honey
  • Taste: A Very Concentrated T aste, with Dry Fruit and Caramel

Food pairings:

Dessert and aged cheeses such as Gorgonzola and Roquefort


A lusciously decadent dessert wine, Vinsanto features a rich, amber color with a concentrated aroma of dried figs, walnuts and candied fruit. This delightful confection is created from a mixture of Malvasia, Trebbiano, San Colombano and Sangiovese grapes that we dry under the warm, Tuscan sunshine for five months. The dried grapes, which are more like plump raisins, are then pressed and immediately placed in wooden “caratelli” barrels. Every barrel is hewn from five different woods, each of which contributes a different shading of flavor, ranging from apricot to caramel. The sealed caratelli remain undisturbed under the eaves of our attic for six to eight years, where the natural fluctuations of the seasons expertly influence the fermentation. When completed, this time-honored art yields a dessert wine of unparalleled sophistication that compresses the flavor of 30 pounds of grapes into every rare and precious bottle. Currently we only ship to the United States (all States apart from Utah, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Vermont), shipping is FREE! To receive our wine in any other country in the World, please write to We’ll provide the exact prices for your delivery.


Buyers can only purchase in multiples of 12, with a minimum order of 12 bottles. You are free to add as many bottles as you would like, and mix the wine varieties, as long as the total order is in multiples of 12. For example, buy 3 bottles of Vinsanto, 1 bottle of Cardisco and 8 bottles of Chianti Riserva for a total of 12 bottles.

– If you order 12 total bottles, no discount is applied.
– If you order 24 total bottles they get a 15% discount on the cart total.
– If you order 36 total bottles they get a 18% discount on the wines (15% on the Vinsanto).
– If you order 48 total bottles they get a 22% discount on the wines (15% on the Vinsanto).
– If you order 60 total bottles they get a 25% discount on the wines (15% on the Vinsanto).